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Meet the Photographer

Geoff Dale has over 40 years experience in the high pressure world of press photography means Geoff Dale knows how to tell your story in one image, on time and on budget. Contact Geoff and his team to know more about the following services.

​Transmission of images​
Any photographs that Geoff produces for his clients can be quickly processed and sent electronically to major newspapers and magazines throughout New Zealand and around the world.​


Digital Editing​
Often conditions are not ideal, and deadlines mean there is no room for waiting for the perfect day. Geoff and his team have the equipment and expertise to take on any digital editing.​



If you require more traffic to your website then you need a catchy video that will generate traffic through YouTube and Vimeo. Geoff and his team can provide the edited video you need.​

Digital Photography​
Experts in all aspects of commercial photography using Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras. Contact Geoff for: public relations, industrial, architectural structures, real estate, product and portraits, either on site or in our studio.​



Books I have published

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A great record in time when New Zealand was undergoing a change in the social dynamics of lives, living, leisure and liberation. The coming 'lucky generation' is preserved in a great array of photographs that capture those who were blessed to live in Godzone.

About the Author

Geoff Dale is a highly respected award-winning press photographer who began working with The New Zealand Herald in 1970, and has covered major current events ever since, winning five Qantas press awards and three best Photo of the Year awards, amongst others. He lives in Orakei, in Auckland.

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